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Update on Healing from Oligodendro Glioma

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Hey Pr. Scott!  I'm glad you and my folks got to worship together this weekend.  Mom was talking to me about it and we realized that I didn't update you on my healing after the initial couple hurdles.  It's been such a long story I assumed that we'd covered it.  Here's the rest of the story:

Ok, so we went to Mayo Clinic after our wonder-full time with God and ya'll.  There were two big issues that they looked at: the "oligodendroglioma" and high muscle loss in my arms, legs, and hands (which I'm not sure we talked about during our time together).  Of course, I've already told you how we got test results confirming God's healing in my brain.  Let me tell you what He did for the muscle loss: Tests showed much lower muscle loss levels--in the normal range!  I've since had another of those tests done and the receptionist said, "Wow, that's much better!"

The doctors said, "Hey, as long as you're still feeling good, let's agree to schedule a check-up in a couple of years and make sure we're on the right track."  We plan on doing that check-up to settle the matter.  I'm looking forward to having even more confirmation of what Jesus has done and moving on to what other things He has for me.

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