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Healing from Oligodendro Glioma

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

My name is Chuck and my Mom and I were honored to be guests at ya’ll’s worship service last Sunday. Scott asked me to write up a quick praise report for you and I’m happy to do so. We came to Topeka needing a miracle, plain and simple. As part of seeking answers for another medical condition, a recent MRI had shown masses in my brain. The doctors suspected some potentially-cancerous disease called “Oligodendro Glioma.” The only stuff I read online about it were the words “cancer,” “bad,” and “short life expectancy.”

Our neighbor had called ahead on our behalf and we were genuinely made to feel welcome. We arrived early, and felt Jesus’ Presence in even the pre-service prayer atmosphere. We went up needing healing when it was called for during the service, and all I can really say is that God touched me. I’ve experienced Jesus’ healing touch before in my life but this wasn’t something I could describe like before... I can only say that He touched me and my Mom.

On Tuesday I went in for another MRI, and while there are still lesions (scar tissue spots) in my brain, they are benign and stable. I’ll go back in another six months for a check-up, but the prognosis is so much better than before. My family and I are so grateful for Jesus’ intervention!

God’s not through with me or my family, and we look forward to seeing what He has next for us. I hope this testimony blesses ya’ll and confirms that God is truly moving in and among His kids. Thank you for your prayers and witness, and most of all Thank God!

Pax, Chuck

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