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Meet The Leadership Team

scott and joy

Scott & Joy Logan

Senior Leaders

In 2001' Scott went through a supernatural conversion in Christ that led to an open heaven experience that lasted for many months. This life changing

event turned his life around and has given him the hunger to know God and His word with a greater measure.  Scott has a passion to see all believers live the ascended lifestyle.

Joy grew up in the church, but became dissatisfied with religion.  Even though a successful physician, Jesus was the only thing that could fill the still-empty void in her life.  Supernatural intervention not only changed her thinking, but her life.  Her greatest desire is to see the true kingdom preached with signs and wonders following, and the body of Christ set free through maturity in Christ.


Scott & Joy are the pastors of Tree of Life Fellowship in Topeka, Kansas. We are a non-denominational church with Pentecostal roots that started with a small group of believers seeking to have a deeper relationship with (know more of) God, and the Power of His living Word.

We are connected with Kingdom Gates church, and Pastors Don & Alyce Tallman in Parsons Kansas.

Tree of Life Fellowship opened in October of 2010 in the Bethel Healing Home once used by Charles Parham and his Apostolic Faith ministry.

Our congregation consists of those who know their identity through God’s love for us in the life of Jesus Christ, and through one another, and with those who want to grow by knowing and obeying Gods Word.

We are a Body dedicated to reaching out to the lost, seeing people healed and set free, and fulfilling our designed purposes from God for the building up of Jesus’s Kingdom.

We choose to live the supernatural lifestyle we have been given. What man calls natural, God calls unnatural; and what God calls natural, man calls supernatural.

God has lifted man from his natural life, and placed him on a supernatural level.

Galatians 4:31 (AMP) So, brethren, we [who are born again] are not children of a slave woman [the natural], but of the free [the supernatural].

335 SW Jackson St, Topeka, KS 66603

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