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Signal for Transition

I feel a discontentedness, a disquiet in my spirit, which I recognize as the signal for transition. There is a shift as we enter this last month of the Hebrew calendar, Adar. In a few short weeks, we will come to Passover. At the first Passover, right before Moses gave instructions to the Hebrews to prepare their unleavened bread and their lamb for every household, God told Moses about this exodus: ". . . This will be the first month of the year to you" (Exodus 12:1).

I believe the Lord is telling us to prepare to leave a way of life with which we are familiar, including hundreds of years of doing ministry, to follow Him into a new day. I feel the soberness of excitement for this deliverance while, as yet, death surrounds us. This is a time of great joy but also a time of great demonic resistance that tries to say, as Pharaoh did, "I will not let you go."

As I expressed my discontent and concern about my spiritual state to the Lord, I heard Holy Spirit say, "I am doing what you have prayed for. You didn't think you wouldn't be involved, did you?" This past season has been a glorious time of undergoing further purification and of enjoying intimacy with the Lord, growing into our ability to converse with the Godhead endlessly, and to believe for nothing-short-of-fantastic "greater things."

The Lord has caused me to believe the Church will come into the dimension He describes in His Word, when He said, "Whatsoever you ask in my name will be done for you" and "None of your words will fall to the ground." There has been and will continue to be a great deal of processing in our spirits, souls, and bodies to prepare us to manifest as sons of God in the victorious army that is the end-time church. The Spirit tells me this transition is to take us to that manifestation in our daily lives.

The Father asked me, "Did you think I would get you conformed to my image and continue to hide you? When have you known Me to leave you in your comfort zone?"

This week, I heard Pastor Joy praying against a taskmaster spirit. I recognize that spirit as the spirit of Pharaoh, who increased the brick quota of the Israelite slaves and even removed the supply of straw, requiring them to work even harder for no profit. We shall become completely free of that spirit in our lives as we transition from Adar to Nissan. Passover is April 18! One of the meanings of the number 18 is "the final putting away of infirmity."

Whatever the new way is, its first and greatest hallmark is love for God. Every great new thing will come from our love relationship with the Godhead.

Happy freedom to you!


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